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Zeds 8.3

“No, Michael,” John says. “This isn’t a joke. This is a real life or death survival situation.” “Wow,” I say. I stare into my coffee as...


Zeds 8.2

“Alex is behind this, isn’t she?” I grin. Alex, what a prankster. I knew she wouldn’t let that Christmas thing go. “Where is she?” John is...


Zeds 7.2

I squint against the bright light overhead. This is definitely not my bed. My bed doesn’t have lights above it; or shelves for the matter. Nothing in my cabin...


Zeds 7.1

Michael Michael straightened his tie as he entered the room. He lingered just inside the door at the top of the extra-wide grand staircase that led...


Zeds 6.2

“One of several reported around the world?” I repeat the lady’s words as I glance back to the tv. “I’m not sure, I wasn’t listening.” I...


Zeds 6.1

James28 Days Earlier   “A traffic jam earlier today went from tragic to horrific as what was already a major incident escalated to a major disaster....